Recent Projects

Technical Lead: David Reynolds (CIRES) • September 2015

From the 1960s through the 1980s the Bureau of Reclamation was involved in a variety of weather modification initiatives in the west including Project Skywater which included the Colorado River Basin Pilot Project, the High Plains Experiment, and the Sierra Cooperative Pilot Project to name a few.

Technical Lead: Ben Livneh (CIRES) • September 2015

This effort provides additional daily downscaled data to a national repository of CMIP5 information that reconciles regional biases in precipitation variability.

Technical Lead: Kelly Mahoney (CIRES) • March 2016

This study explores how to optimally use high-resolution dynamical weather models to simulate heavy precipitation for a specific region in the most robust and representative manner. The results provide superior datasets and improved understanding of heavy precipitation events and processes as they relate to Reclamation sites of interest in the western US, as well as assessments of climate change impacts on storms.

Technical Lead: Jamie Scott (CIRES) • August 2015

The research undertaken as a part of this project provides an evaluation of the utility of CMIP5 model projections for water resource and environmental planning applications, and the components of a framework to support the application of CMIP5 data in planning and assessment.

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